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Dog walking tracker

We have recently installed a dog walking tracker on our website for all our customers to view their dogs when we take them to the park or just around the block. Its always a good idea to keep up with the latest trends and technologies so we can offer an improved service. Dog companion already has I.P. cameras for our clients to see their dogs so the next step was GPS when they are in our care.


Another obvious reason is transparency. How do you know your dog is getting a walk? How do you know that your dog walker is not just taking your pet to their house for an hour and then dumping them home, thus you dog is getting no walk and you may be getting ripped off! If you know what time your dog walker is taking your mutt then you can view the day and time history on our site and you can see the route and times we take your dog. Our existing customers have welcomed this new technology and have found it a valuable resource.


We are trialling Bluetooth dog trackers as I type this. Obviously we take your animals in forests and country parks and sometimes while off the lead some dart into a bush or under a hedge. We can now pin point how far a dog has strayed and also the direction upto 50ft. I am sure you do not want a 3rd party losing your prized possession. We will soon be able to use this technology on all the pets we walk. Its just a simple clip that attaches to the dogs collar and “connects” with a dog walkers phone so no chipping etc is needed.

Dog companion will always try and keep up with the latest trends to assist your dog and us to have a safe and enjoyable time when they are our with their dog walker.